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Over the past few years, we’ve helped Amazon launch a number of new products, including their entrance into the home robot category. Unsurprisingly, our research showed us that customers are highly skeptical that any home robot would actually be useful. Ignoring that doubt would only give it power. So we did the opposite - we leaned right into the skepticism.

We worked with Amazon and the agency Little Hands of Stone for over a year on this confidential project to land a strategic approach and a creative concept that cut through the doubt to excite consumers. We brought the campaign to life through a long form product launch film that leveraged humor to address the skepticism head on and demonstrate the product benefits in a light-hearted way. Additional motion and still assets were also created for, social, and press.

Piccadilly Animation
Case Study Film

The Astro sold out of Day 1 Editions within hours of launch, along with tens of thousands of invitation requests since launching in September 2021. A year later, we developed two additional spots to highlight new product features.

Sample screen animations

Metaverse experience

In addition to helping Amazon launch into the new category, we’ve also worked with Little Hands of Stone on a series of product launches for Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers and wearables.